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15 DECEMBER 2016

Office Christmas parties – Employee traps


Office Christmas parties – Employer traps

21 OCTOBER 2016

Save our CTP

11 AUGUST 2016

The reality of wrongful death

29 JULY 2016

Gifts before marriage

20 JULY 2016

Be careful of your lie

16 JUNE 2016

Limitation periods for child abuse actions retrospectively abolished

3 JUNE 2016

The possibility of life after death

6 MAY 2016

“Workers compensation a ‘tricky’ legal scheme”

22 APRIL 2016

The rights of injured workers in NSW have been steadily and dramatically eroded since 2001. The NSW workers compensation system is now at a point where it is acknowledged even by insurers to be unfair, capricious and overly complicated. This is all in the context of the WorkCover fund being seriously in surplus and with […]

24 MARCH 2016

I recently had a client seek my advice regarding an order the Police made under the Crimes (Forensic Procedures) Act 2000 (“the Act”). The Act enables the Police to “backcapture” DNA, that is, request an individual undergo a forensic procedure to obtain a DNA sample for inclusion on a national database if that individual has previously […]

18 MARCH 2016

The Courts recognise that when a spouse dies, it is not always enough for the family home to be left to the surviving spouse by way of a life estate. The idea of a life estate – the right to occupy and use the property during one’s life time – meets with difficulties, particularly in […]

2 MARCH 2016

The law requires you to keep your promises – Bryant v Bryant [2014]

25 FEBRUARY 2016

Injuries caused in a motor vehicle accident as a result of the negligence of another driver normally gives rise to an entitlement to compensation and damages. If you are a passenger in a vehicle of the driver of the not at fault vehicle or if you are a pedestrian hit by the at fault vehicle […]

24 FEBRUARY 2016

Some people say that the current High Court is one of the most conservative in the history of federation. Which is strange given that four of the current High Court Justices were appointed by ALP governments and only three by LNP governments. This could mean the appointing governments had no eye to the “politics” of […]