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Public Liability

A slip, trip and fall can happen anywhere at any time. These accidents usually come under the headings of “Public Liability” or “Occupier’s Liability”. If your accident has occurred in a public place, such as a public park, it falls under “Public Liability”. If your accident has occurred one someone’s premises, such as a shop or restaurant, it falls under “Occupier’s Liability”.

Common accidents that can give rise to a personal injury claim include slipping, tripping or falling because of dangerous spillage or broken/damaged surfaces.

If you have suffered an injury on someone else’s premises, you may be entitled to compensation or damages. You should consult Toby Tancred as soon as is practical after your injury so that investigation of your legal entitlements can commence.

Toby Tancred will help gather adequate evidence to support your claim. Notice of claim will then be served on the owner or occupier of the property where you have suffered an accident. The owner/occupier will then be required to respond to your claim.

Professional Negligence

Professional negligence deals with claims that are due to the negligence of a “professional” person.

Professional negligence claims can be made against any professional person or business if you have suffered loss and damage due to negligent advice or services. Toby Tancred has successfully brought claims for people against lawyers, accountants, architects, financial advisors, engineers, valuers, surveyors and insurance brokers.

When you consult a professional person you pay for and can expect accurate and professional advice and services. If you have not received what you paid for and have suffered loss and damage, Toby Tancred can help you recover your legal entitlements.

Medical Negligence Claims

The medical and health system in NSW is chronically underfunded and health professionals work in difficult and complicated circumstances. Unfortunately, mistakes are made and the consequences of a mistake is often catastrophic for the patient.

Toby Tancred has acted and recovered compensation for many people who have been the unfortunate victim of medical negligence.

Medical negligence claims are often very complex and difficult. Toby Tancred has the experience and expertise to ensure that you receive fair and just compensation.