Office Christmas parties – Employee traps

Last week I touched on employer traps during the festive season, particularly around the office Christmas party.

But the peril of Christmas parties is not all one way and there have been examples of employees doing silly things at Christmas parties and having to face the consequences.

One such case involves a Police Officer who was discharged from the force after exposing his penis to colleagues at the work Christmas party. In fact he did more that expose himself, proceeding to attach a bottle opener to a piercing on his penis and then open beer bottles. From all reports this party trick was received very favourably by his co-workers and caused no offence to anyone but notwithstanding he ended up losing his position as a Police Officer. This was because the Commissioner of Police determined that he could not be confident that the Officer was suitable to continue as a member of the Police Force. The Officer appealed the decision of the Commissioner of Police and was finally restored to the Force but at a lower rank. No doubt he would be a little more circumspect in showing off his wares if he had his time again. I must say, I think that sort of ingenuity is to be encouraged in our Police.

There are several reported cases of people acting up after a few beverages at the work Christmas party, and not having a job to return to in the new year.

It goes without saying that personal responsibility must be accepted for ones actions.  Criminal conduct such as drink driving or assaults will be viewed as an individual’s own fault even if it comes after being supplied with alcohol at a work Christmas party.  Additionally, unwanted romantic advances are probably not a good idea; sexual harassment can result in civil and criminal sanctions.  If that cute guy or girl in the IT department liked you they probably would have told you well before the Christmas party, so take it easy.

Have a happy Christmas.