Work Injuries – what you need to know – Part 5

“This wasn’t just an accident, my employer was negligent”

A work injury is often the result of the negligence of an employer.  If there is negligence on the part of your employer, as an injured worker, you can claim Work Injury Damages.  Work Injury Damages compensate you as an injured worker for your inability to return to your pre-injury employment.  Damages are payable for past wage loss from the date of your injury and future wage loss to retirement age.  Past and future loss of superannuation is also payable to you as an injured worker.

Your Work Injury Damages, as an injured worker, are paid to you in a lump sum.  This lump sum is tax free and means that you can move on with your life and have no further dealings with the insurer.

A claim for Work Injury Damages must be commenced no later than three years following the date of your injury. A claim can be brought outside this period in some circumstances but as an injured worker you should not delay obtaining advice from Toby Tancred.

As an injured worker you must have permanent impairment of 15% and be able to prove your injury was caused by the negligence of your employer, that is, they failed to provide a safe workplace or a safe system of work.  Toby Tancred has the experience, knowledge and ability to obtain all the evidence that is necessary to prove that there has been negligence on the part of your employer.

As an injured worker you almost always participate in Mediation in the Workers Compensation Commission with your employer and its insurer.  Many claims for Work Injury Damages by an injured worker resolve at Mediation.  If your claim for Work Injury Damages does not resolve at Mediation then Toby Tancred will represent you in Court proceedings to recover your Work Injury Damages.

Toby Tancred has recovered millions of dollars in Work Injury Damages for hundreds of injured workers, particularly injured workers living in regional and rural areas.  Toby Tancred is a WIRO accredited Solicitor and a Law Society Personal Injury Accredited Specialist with the experience, knowledge and ability to help you as an injured worker obtain your Work Injury Damages.