The Personal Injury Commission

The Personal Injury Commission (“PIC”) was established on 1 March 2021. The PIC was established to hear and determine disputes relating to work injuries and in motor vehicle accidents. The PIC replaces the Workers Compensation Commission that previously heard work injury disputes and the Claims Assessment Resolution Service and Medical Assessment Service that dealt with motor accident injury disputes.

The aim of the PIC is to create a “one stop shop” tribunal with two streams of expertise – the Workers Compensation Division and the Motor Accident Division. Much of the procedure from the previous separate Tribunals has remained unchanged although there are some minor reforms. Of most importance, the entitlements, and benefits of injured people under the Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident legislation have not been reduced or adversely affected by the establishment of the PIC.

At a ceremonial sitting of the PIC to mark its commencement the NSW Attorney General Mr Mark Speakman SC said; “The last thing injured workers need is to be burdened with unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy. The Personal Injury Commission will harmonise processes for thousands of claimants each year, saving them time and giving them better access to dispute resolution.” It is to be hoped that this stated aim of the PIC is something that this and future governments observe.

Since its commencement, I have lodged a number of Applications in the PIC, with most proceeding to teleconference and Hearing. Many Applications in the Workers Compensation Division have resolved, with injured workers being awarded weekly benefits, payment of medical expenses and lump sum compensation. Unfortunately, Applications in the Motor Accidents Division have been subjected to lengthy delays and this is entirely due to teething problems in the new technology that is being used by the Motor Accident Division. Similar problems have not been seen in the Workers Compensation Division and it is to be anticipated that the initial glitches will be resolved so that parties to motor accident injury disputes can also have those matters resolved quickly and efficiently.

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