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“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Toby and his team after a recent legal experience in which we received a satisfactory outcome.

Toby was professional and polite in all communications with me and kept me up to date on what and when things were occurring during the process. It felt like I was a part of his family and he treated me accordingly.

He also took the time to explain the legal “technical jargon” into words which I could understand which made me feel more confident during the procedure.

I would like to thank Toby and his team for the quality of their service and would totally recommend them for any future legal requirements which may arise.”
Mr J.W. Anderson (JP)

“I approached Toby Tancred in March, 2021 to assist me with work injury claim and he has done excellent job for me . I strongly recommend Toby to any injured workers who need legal advice related to work injury claim.”

“Just a short note to thank you so much Toby for the legal support you provided me, during the recent Court cases.

Being only on a pension, I had no idea how I would cope financially and mentally with a situation that was completely out of control and when I met Marie, her ongoing support and the wonderful people she enlisted to help me turned my situation around and I will be forever grateful.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.”
Dorothy Gee

“I was really confused about going forward in my situation until I started working with Toby. He explained the process clearly from the start and made me feel at ease and confident moving forward. Toby was extremely helpful and explained each step of the process and was obviously doing the best for me. He communicated really well at all stages and was happy to discuss any issues I had along the way.

He achieved a very good outcome so now I really feel that my situation has been addressed and I feel much more at ease and feel that I have had real closure. I would totally recommend Toby’s services.”
William Murray

“I’m confident that Toby and I will continue with my claim. I am not physically or mentally the person I was before my injury, it’s been a challenging four years for me but with his help I will overcome this adversity and win again.

Toby is a great lawyer and has a great team.

Thank you so very much Toby for believing in me and being in my corner, I could not of done this without Toby Tancred, he is a legend.”
Name withheld for personal reasons

“I came across Toby quite by accident, it was a most fortunate day for me. He took on my legalities and was relentless in pursuing a good outcome for me. His door was always open to me and the communication from staff was first class. He responded with genuine concern to my problems. His expertise and professional knowledge were responsible for a wonderful outcome for me.

If you have a legal problem, I would not hesitate to recommend Toby Tancred.”
Robert Littlefield

“Toby took on my compensation case when nobody else would. He was professional, caring and kind. I would not have gotten through it without his help. I would not hesitate in using his services again.”
Pamela Birrell

“I was fortunate to have Toby represent me after being involved in a serious bike accident. Toby was calmly reassuring in providing me with wise counsel for a difficult legal problem.

His quiet determination in fighting on my behalf was incredibly reassuring. I needed to be patient (as is always the case in such situations) and I found that I could be so, knowing that he was all over the issue.

I greatly benefited from his legal expertise and have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone needing specialist legal help.”

“Toby Tancred has acted on my behalf after an incident in a local store. His reputation as Personal Injury Specialist is of high quality. He is dedicated to achieving the highest outcome that you are entitled to. I was not going to take my matter any further until someone told me to visit Toby Tancred.

Toby’s legal knowledge was outstanding and he explained the process of what would happen to my case, and I was very comfortable listening to him.

Toby kept in touch with me all through the case and made appointments for me on my behalf and my outcome was achieved in my favour. I would recommend Toby Tancred to handle any cases that you may have.”
Judith deRooy

“I would like to thank Toby most sincerely for achieving such a highly satisfactorily settlement for my matter.

His advice and encouragement at all times, sustained me during the claim process.

Thanking you personally and your excellent team.”

“Toby Tancred has acted on my behalf on a number of occasions. His representation has been of the highest quality and his work is informed by an ethical standpoint he is widely known for. He is dedicated to achieving a just outcome for his clients and has demonstrated an ability to achieve positive outcomes over many years for clients. He is an excellent communicator and endeavours to be clear and concise as to his legal interpretation of which issue he is presented with. I have the utmost trust and respect for Toby Tancred Solicitor and I would recommend them, and he in particular, as a professional you can trust. His small team are dedicated and professional and have assisted myself and my family greatly.”

“I approached Mr Tancred because a friend recommended him. I went to get information and I had a lot of questions. He answered my questions professionally and was informative. I retained Mr Tancred to look after my case. I found him to be professional,  informative, used experts in the fields required and did everything in his power to get me a good result. He followed my instructions after giving me all the facts. I would use him again and would recommend him. He understood I was under stress and spoke with me and my carers informatively.”

“My initial interview with my solicitor Mr Toby Tancred was very helpful, enlightening and educational.

I greatly appreciated his guidance, empathy and patience which in turn helped to reduce my anxiety and concerns regarding my matter.

The tyranny of distance was overcome by Toby and his wonderful staff who were always only a phone call away to assist me with any needs I might have through correspondence fax and telephone calls.

Toby’s legal expertise guided me through on every occasion.

If you are requiring a caring and concise solicitor to assist you with your matter and a diligent team with a professional manner and approach I would highly recommend Mr Toby Tancred to handle your matter.”
S J Husband (Broken Hill)

“After being involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, I started out with one of the bigger firms in Sydney for over twelve months. In that time I didn’t meet anyone face to face and this added to an already stressful situation.

After being referred to Toby I found him and his team very professional, personal and sensitive to my needs. Within six months Toby and his team had successfully  settled the matter with a very positive outcome for my future.”
Name withheld for personal reasons

“Toby Tancred acted for me on a complex CTP claim over the past 6 years.  Toby was always very clear on what was happening. He kept me up to date at every turn.

I have to say that if it weren’t for Toby stepping in and representing me against the Insurance company involved, fighting for my rights and requirements, life would be very different for me today. Life was miserable and extremely hard to deal with after working in very physical jobs since I was 16. He fought from the start to get me the treatment I required, which resulted in major surgery.

He was so disgusted in the way people were being treated under the CTP laws that he took it to the media to raise awareness of the issue and the requirement for changes to the laws.

Toby’s support and guidance was constant and informative. He was available to answer any queries I had if not immediately, then certainly within a very short time.

Prior to my court attendance and following on to the end, he kept me informed and was very supportive.

I would highly recommend Toby to anyone, not only for Injury Compensation cases and fighting the Insurance companies, but for any matter you need help with.”
Peter Roberts

“Not being from the local area of Orange in NSW, we were unsure about using a solicitor that was not in our vicinity. Toby Tancred came highly recommended by a trusted friend, and as such, we decided to approach Toby and discuss our predicament. Toby treated us as if we were long time neighbours and clients and made us feel at ease.

As such, we are now very happy to be able to recommend Toby Tancred and also write of our very positive experience with him acting as our solicitor in the case of my mother’s contested Will and Estate.

He was very approachable and helpful as we worked together to attain the results from what we thought was a poor position. Toby understood our case and set out a plan of action to put to the Executors and Lawyers of the Estate.

His professionalism and expertise came through in the way he dealt with the case and our particular problem and to the negotiations with the Executors and Lawyers of the Estate. We had no knowledge of the procedures and Toby walked us through step by step to reach a conclusion to which we were completely satisfied.

As we had no knowledge of how the case would proceed we set down certain limits into which way we were to proceed and Toby directed us as to which direction we went into. Toby guided us in regards to the pros and cons or legal implications of the case.

There was a very smooth flow throughout the proceedings from beginning to end and we came out with a very satisfactory outcome within a reasonable amount of time.”
Jaime & Elizabeth Garcia

“Toby Tancred personally acted on two long-running and fraught legal matters for myself and my family recently.  He saw these matters satisfactorily settled on our behalf displaying at all times a cool head, discretion, and high-professionalism.  This included almost immediate communication of all relevant matters in a clear and concise manner, responsiveness to our request at all times, and a keen sense of the law and justice.  I have no hesitation in recommending Toby and his team for any legal matters.”
David Dixon

“Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the professional manner in which you & your staff have handled this matter.  You worked with us and made sure that we were kept informed at all stages. You have made the process an ease. I will certainly recommend you for your professionalism and knowledge.”
Jason Jurd

“Toby Tancred has acted for me on several complex legal matters over the past 5 years.  I always found him to be a caring, honest and genuine man.  He is a very thorough and competent solicitor who achieved great results for me.  I couldn’t be more happy with the substantial settlements I received.

Toby’s empathy and compassion helped me to successfully navigate some very emotional and difficult times caused by the negligence of others.

It is largely because of Toby that I now enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.  I would highly recommend Toby to anyone who is experiencing a legal problem.”
Patrick McMullen

“I’ve reached out to Toby on a number of occasions for legal advice relating to my business.  Each time Toby has been efficient, knowledgeable and has achieved a great outcome.  He is also cost effective which is reassuring.  I would recommend Toby to anyone with a legal issue, big or small.”
Racheal Bastick

“Toby, may I thank you sincerely for all your efforts over the past 5 and a half years. Your care and attention to detail was very much appreciated. You made a very difficult process bearable and for this I thank you.

Yourself and the entire team at Toby Tancred Solicitor, made me feel that I was in the very best of care, always showed empathy and provided myself and my family with genuine professional service and advice. Compassion, responsiveness and availability was delivered without hesitation. This gave me great confidence and reassurance throughout my legal journey.

Although under a tragic circumstance, I am honoured to of had your firm represent me and am very pleased with the outcome.

It was an absolute pleasure to have met you and your staff, and I strongly recommend your services to anyone needing legal advice. Thank you all so very much.”
Samantha Morgan

“Toby was very straight forward and clearly explained the procedure for our matter. He always used words that we understood. He was very prompt and on time and we were never left waiting. Toby made sure the day we were in Court was as stress free as possible. When it was over he made sure we understood what had happened and why. All in all, we could go home and feel quite secure in the knowledge that all was safe.”
Rodney and Larraine Formby

“I am sure I speak for most of the population when I say that no one wants to know anything about workers compensation until you get injured in the process of earning a living.  No one means to be injured and we all think that there are processes set up to protect you and look after you until you recover.  Workers compensation law changed in 2012 and employers and employees and even medical professionals are largely unaware of the ramifications of these changes.

It is impossible without employer support and care to navigate this process in the event of a serious injury without the help of an experienced solicitor.  This can even be the case even when an employer supports you if an insurance company denies you help when you need it.

Current law needs changing to undo injustice written into the law itself but Toby Tancred works with a comprehensive understanding of current law, and what is achievable within that to bring the best outcome possible for your individual situation.  I would recommend Toby Tancred in what can be a very stressful and unjust situation to work hard to get you the best result current law allows.”

“On 4 September 2009 I sustained an injury helping a friend (a badly broken right arm). After numerous trips to Orange Base Hospital, something just didn’t feel right for me.  I sought a second & third opinion on the treatment of my injury, to which both doctors agreed my arm wasn’t treated correctly and that I should seek legal advice.  I did a bit of research and Toby Tancred and his team were recommended.  After a phone call and an appointment we agreed I had a case for medical negligence.  Throughout the whole process Toby and his team were outstanding in every way.  Their communication, legal expertise and guidance were so helpful in a difficult time.  I was extremely satisfied with the outcome from this matter.”
Chris Stephenson

“When a career ending workplace injury occurs after 35 years in the construction industry it leaves one in a place of helplessness.  Being Sole Director and only employee of the company at the time, the insurance company took a very different view, at times almost inferring I was engaging in criminal behaviour, despite numerous highly accredited doctor and specialist reports strongly claiming the true nature of my injury.

After engaging Toby and his team my fight continued through numerous hearings with a positive outcome to date.  I found Toby to be highly knowledgeable, compassionate and very clear in stating what my rights were.  Through this process Toby and his team were very responsive and clear on the timeframes and outcomes to be expected in this ridiculously complex area of law.  I would highly recommend Toby Tancred Solicitor to anyone needing advice on workers compensation matters.”
Grahame Wilson

“Like many others, I have an innate distrust of anyone representing the legal / justice system fraternity.  You never know what to hope for, much less expect.

Happily, Toby has proved himself to be an individual of great compassion, candour, integrity, equity and honesty – a rare but much appreciated skill set / personal agenda in any profession.  His advice is incontrovertible, ensuring your individual litigation process is designed for the best outcome, with time and money prospects clearly understood.  When you need a legal representative on your side, Toby is a Herculean force, standing by his clients, clarifying and focussing on the issues at hand.  There is no waste of time or money. Toby is committed to his clients and the justice system.  He provides real results.

I am delighted with the legal outcome, professionalism and compassion Toby Tancred provides.  I heartily recommend Toby for legal representation in any jurisdiction.”
Laretta Goodacre

“A stressful situation arose, in which I required Toby’s services.  From the start he put my mind at ease carefully listening to my story and giving me the reassurance I needed.  After I had my first appointment with Toby I could sleep soundly knowing that he had everything under control.  He made everything simple and easy for me, working hard behind the scenes.  Each step was carefully explained.  If I had any queries Toby and his team were quick to respond.  He also explained any legal terminology so I clearly understood.  I am very happy with the outcome and can not thank Toby and his staff enough.”
Name withheld for personal reasons

“I would say my experience with Toby Tancred Solicitor was a very positive one.  Toby is professional, knowledgeable and thorough.  I believe his legal experience and attention to detail makes him an excellent Solicitor and I would trust him with any legal matter.”
Tom Raines

“I have had the pleasure of Toby representing me on 3 separate occasions over the past 2 years.  Toby, you have been friendly, understanding and at the same time honest, intelligent, well informed and forthright in your advice.  You brought your considerable mental acuity and law experience to bear on learning the facts of my cases, devising a legal approach to give me the best chance of the best outcome and clearly advising me of what I needed to do and provide to you.

Toby, you went above and beyond what I expected and the way you carried yourself has given me a lot of confidence.  I was impressed by your professionalism and empathy you provided so that I was aware of the steps and possible outcomes.  Your genuine belief in my character was clear and provided me comfort that I was in the right hands.  I am greatly appreciative and would certainly refer you on to any one that requires assistance with any legal matters.”
Kathleen McGregor

“Toby has acted for me since 2014 on a number of matters relating to my workplace injuries.  I have found Toby to be a great Solicitor – he is knowledgeable, thorough and a good communicator.  He always responded to my calls and emails in a timely manner and kept me up to date every step of the way.  I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for Toby I would not have achieved the substantial settlements I received.  I am very happy with Toby’s advice and would recommend him and the team at Toby Tancred Solicitor to anyone in need of someone to help guide them through the minefield of workplace injuries.”
Ken Roberts

“I am delighted to be able to write of a very positive experience of having Toby Tancred as our Solicitor in the case of my sister’s contested Will. He and his staff are very approachable and worked hard to attain the best results from what I thought rather dismal prospects. Toby understood our case and set out a plan of what must be done… and what the Executors must do in order to present a water tight case.

His legal expertise came through in the way he dealt with us and the different channels through which we had to negotiate. I noted, during a hearing before a Judge, that the Judge had a warm respect for Toby and he actually congratulated Toby for the fairness of the fees he had charged us.

In my mind it was a complex case but Toby directed me in what I had to do at every stage and he orchestrated what needed to be done regarding government requirements in mundane and complex matters. As it was up to me to make decisions about my sister’s estate, Toby guided me in regards to the pros and cons or legal implications of my decisions.

There was a smooth flow throughout the proceedings from beginning to end and we ended up with a very satisfactory outcome within a reasonable time.”
Robert V J Varman PhD

“I just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding service you provided me.  You made this complex and stressful litigation process as stress free as anyone could imagine.  Being an ex-Police Officer I have dealt with many lawyers but I have to say I am most impressed with your professionalism and knowledge.  Being such a professional lawyer I knew you would be busy and I greatly appreciated the time you took to reply to all my emails and phone messages in a timely manner.  From our conversations, it is obvious you are passionate about helping your clients and because of this I will be encouraging everyone I know who needs legal representation to seek your services.  Thanks again for everything Toby.
Tod Holland

“We have just finalised our uncle’s estate administration.  Toby Tancred acted as our Solicitor and guided us through the four year saga from start to finish. We are most appreciative that the primary beneficiaries’ estate challenge was handled via a mediated settlement, keeping the matter out of the Supreme Court.  There were many “curve balls” encountered during the protracted administration (none due to Toby’s doing) and during the entirety of this time, Toby kept us well informed of procedures, ramifications and all things “legal”,  with clear, concise advice, which is what we as laypeople desired.  He was always available at short notice to answer our questions & provide sound legal advice, be it in person, via email or through phone hook-ups.  Based on our experiences, we unreservedly recommend Toby Tancred’s legal services to others.”
W.R. & I.G. Eade

“Over the past 10 years I have used the services of Toby Tancred.  Toby has assisted me in many legal aspects.  I believe that Toby is very professional and very passionate about his work.  Toby has always provided solid and sound advice and has always reached the results I required.  I honestly feel this is due to his experience, knowledge and understanding of the law.  I would recommend Toby Tancred (and have) to any member of the public as a proficient, empathic and trusted Solicitor.”
Leigh Murphy

“Toby was recommended to us some 10 years ago as an astute Solicitor, a recommendation that was absolutely spot on.  Our needs for his services have been varied but never run of the mill requirements and Toby has always risen to the occasion and fought for our cause.  No matter how big or how small the case, Toby has handled the situation with equal intensity, something we have appreciated enormously.  I am pleased to write this testimonial for Toby and happily recommend his services to anyone looking to be part of  a winning team.”
Murray Ward, Chief Financial Officer, Maas Group