An experienced practitioner who will deliver results for you


Toby Tancred is an Independent Review Office (“IRO”) Approved Lawyers. This means that Toby Tancred can and will act for you and your legal expenses are paid for by the Independent Review Office.

Toby Tancred has acted in the area of workers compensation and insurance claims for over twenty years. Toby Tancred’s career as a Solicitor started with him acting for some of Australia’s largest insurers and for icare NSW.

A work injury can have potentially devastating consequences. Having to fight insurance companies and icare can become an overwhelming process for people. Toby Tancred can help you with your workers compensation claim and help you receive your legal entitlements.

Toby Tancred saw the injustices visited upon ordinary and decent people by the system and decided to pursue a career acting for people who had been turned upside down through no fault of their own. Toby Tancred understands how the system operates and will use his experience and knowledge for your benefit.


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