Work injuries – what you need to know – Part 1

“My life changed in an instant”

Work injuries present in various ways.  People usually associate a work injury with physical injuries that arise from a specific incident.  Work injuries can also arise from long-term day to day work over an extended period.  Employment can cause a psychological injury, for example, due to bullying and harassment or exposure to a traumatic event in the workplace.  Work injuries can be disease injuries, for example, skin cancer or repetitive strain injuries.  A work injury can arise on a journey to or from work.  Work injuries can result in death.

If you are injured at work you must report your injury to your employer as soon as possible.  If you cannot or do not wish to report your injury directly to your employer, you should visit your doctor and tell them what has happened. Your doctor will provide a medical Certificate of Capacity.  You can then report the injury.

A claim for work injury should be lodged with your employer or its insurer within six months of the date of your injury, or the date of incapacity.  In some circumstances, a claim for work injury can be made later if you have a reasonable excuse for not making the claim sooner.  A claim can be made for weekly compensation, medical expenses, travel expenses, home modification expenses, death benefits, permanent impairment compensation, domestic assistance, or a combination of all of these depending on the severity of the work injury.

Injured workers can find dealing with insurers and the workers compensation scheme complicated and time consuming.  As an injured worker you are entitled to be advised by Toby Tancred. The Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) can assist by providing funding for this legal advice.

WIRO provides funding to approved Solicitors to investigate the claim, provide advice to you as an injured worker, and deal with the employer and insurer on your behalf.  Toby Tancred is a WIRO accredited Solicitor and a Law Society Personal Injury Accredited Specialist with the experience, knowledge and ability to help all injured workers in difficult times.