Pro Bono Covid 19 Legal Clinic

The Covid 19 virus is causing significant anxiety and fear in many people at the moment.  Unfortunately, some of this fear and anxiety is being fuelled by misinformation, or at the least, uncertainty on people’s part about their current situation and what the future holds.

For the immediate future I have decided to conduct a Pro Bono (ie free of any charge) Legal Clinic every Tuesday afternoon from the hours of 2:00pm to 5:30pm.  Any person seeking legal advice regarding the impact upon them of the Covid 19 virus can telephone my office on 6362 1210 and speak to me.  It may be that I will not be able to immediately speak with you by telephone but someone will handle your call and arrange a time for me to speak with you.

Let us all remember that this current situation will in time pass and that we should all do what we can to help each other through this uncertain period.